Portuguese Passengers with the RMS Titanic

The following are the Portuguese passengers known not to have survived:

José Joaquim de Brito in 2nd class*

Manuel Estanislau Gonçalves in 3rd class

osé Neto Jardim in 3rd class

Domingos Fernandes Coelho

These are Portuguese passengers who survived:

Mrs. J. W. M Cardoza

Mr. T. D. M. Cardoza

For more information on the Titanic visit:



*He was a 32 year old gentleman traveling 2nd class, who got on the ship in Southhampton, England going to Brazil. Information provided by Daniel, a 7th grader at Ben Franklin Jr. High, Fargo, North Dakota.

Shipwrecks off the Portuguese Coast in the 18th Century:

PASSENGER LISTS. Brigantine "Matty," Scotland to New York, 1774 54 records; Robin Layton

PASSENGER LISTS. "Diana," Scotland to Wilmington, North Carolina, September 1774; Harold A. Ralston

PASSENGER LISTS. "Edinburgh," Campbeltown, Scotland to Cape Fear, North Carolina, 1770; Harold A. Ralston


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Partial 16th Century Passenger list leaving from Spain to the Americas -
No nationality or origin was given - source Archivos de Indias


destination Year
Abreu, Diego de Peru 1579
Abreu, Manuel de Puerto Rico 1571
Aguiar, Bernardo de New Granada 1579
Aguiar, Catalina de America 1512
Aguiar, Juan Manuel Central America 1569
Aguiar, Pedro de Peru 1579
Alexandre, Genevieve Canada 1594
Alexandre, Hernando Peru 1598
Alexandre, Pedro America 1535
Almeida, Domingo de Mexico 1591
Almeida, Domingo de Peru 1580
Almeida, Domingo de Peru 1580
Almeida, Domingo de Peru 1592
Almeida, Felipa New Granada 1555
Almeida, Isabel deAlmeida, Felipa Peru 1582
Almeida, Unknown * Peru 1591
Ambrosio, Francisco Peru 1563
Ambrosio, Isabel Ecuador 1582
Ambrosio, Juan Ecuador 1582
Ambrosio, Juan Rio de la Plata 1535
Ambrosio, Miguel Ecuador 1582
Ambrosio, Pedro Ecuador 1582
Ambrosio, Rufina Ecuador 1582
Andrade, Sebastian de Mexico 1563
Avila, Agustin de Guatemala 1593
Avila, Agustin de New Granada 1594
Avila, Alonso de Cartagena 1534
Avila, Alonso de New Spain 1565
Avila, Alonso de New Spain 1577
Avila, Alonso de New Spain 1578
Avila, Alonso de New Spain 1590
Avila, Alonso de New Spain 1594
Avila, Alonso de New Spain 1594
Avila, Alonso de Peru 1588
Avila, Alonso de Philippines 1594
Avila, Alonso de Puerto Rico 1577

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