My heart is smiling! Thank you soooooooo much for this incredible honor!! If only he could be here to receive it! He was such an awesome person! I sent your message to my brothers, Richard, Robert and Jeff, and I know they are extremely grateful as well! I'm looking at a picture of our father, when he was 8 years old @1915, standing on a corner selling empanadas our grandmother made, for a nickel. He is so adorable, with his little cap and precious smile!

As I'm writing this to you, Tom Hanks comes to mind, because his mother's maiden name was Fraga. Do you know if it would be possible, or even appropriate, to find out more about his mother's family and what happened to the Fraga's. The reason I mention this is because Tom was born in Concord, California, just a few miles from Martinez, where I was born. They moved to Hayward and that's where my grandfather's family lived (also Fraga). Perhaps there is a bibiography about him and also some answers.
Sending you big hugs and gratitude,
Judy Fraga Shuman and Family


Parabems é um excelemte sitio,depois de correr na internet onde tenho encomtrado Portugueses de origem .Mesmo nos sitios mais impensaveis,no Hawaii uma grande maioria sâo de descendencia Portuguesa Açoreana e d'Aveiro,encontrei tanbem nos Camarôes,no Canada o primeiro correio mor éra portugues,soube pour um jornalista d'um journal Francofone de nome Da Sylva ,e tem uma grande medalha perto da catedral Notre-Dame em Montreal.A primeira synagogue foi feita por judeus Portugueses e Espanhois,vou parar para nâo ser aborrecido,so que na grande pintura o soldado que tem a bandeira ao lado de George Wasgington,pensa-se que tambem é Portugues


I am pleased to have found the Portuguese Foundation website. I hope you will find the following information interesting and informative. Please take a look at the genealogy website I created, which is centered around my g-g-grandfather, Francis Sylvest (b. 1808, Pico Island, Azores). Before leaving the Azores, he was known as Francisco Sylvera (Silveira). He attained U.S. citizenship on February 10, 1872 in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Death visited us in the year 1896 and called for one of our oldest and most devoted members, in the person of Bro. Sylvest, aged 88 years, 3 months and 6 days. Bro. Sylvest was born and reared on the Island of Pico, Azores, Portugal.
See web site:


Dear Mr. Manuel Mira:
I recently finished reading your book The Portuguese Making of America.  It is a book I enjoyed reading very much and by which I was much intrigued.   I am impressed with your thorough knowledge of the Portuguese in North America.  I have taken to doing research on the Portuguese in Canada, particularly on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of large-scale immigration in 2003; but must confess that I knew nothing of the Melungeons prior to  reading your book.  I wish I had theories of my own to offer, but admit that I do not have sufficient knowledge to be so bold...
Thank you for your time.  I look forward to reading more of your research.
Tony Mendes, (Toronto)


Sooo.... if my grandparents came here from the Azores, am I considered Melungeon?  Or do we need to have passed through the south?
Deborah Carvalho


Dear Deborah
In my opinion, since I accept the Portuguese infusion as a part of who we are, she is our cousin.  To be Melungeon, one needs to have been be descended from the people referred to as Melungeon living in the Appalachians in the early 1800s.  We would be her cousin since she (and Melungeons) are likely descended from the same Old World people.  In other words, some Native American tribes are our cousins as well, but they are not “Melungeon.”  Hope this helps – am running it by Wayne for any comments he may have.  You may share my thoughts with her.  I hope her sarcoid is in remission.
Best, Brent Kennedy


Hello.I am 1st Gen Portuguese. My Mother was Born in Lisboa.  Her Mother, Father, Brother, and she, came to America (Providence R.I.) in 1913 I believe (she was 10 years of age). How can I research THEIR ancestors in Portugal? (Her last name was Miranda.) I have the Family names, most birthdates, where they went to school, and my Grandmothers maiden name. I would really like to go back as cost would allow as I am now retired.
W.A.Nicholas. Suffolk Va.


Dear Mr. Nicholas, we suggest to contact a genealogist to help you, since we do not do genealogy research.



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