Dear Sir/Madam,
Please add Rui Relvas to your Military section...
MPFC Rui A. Relvas of Philadelphia, PA
Rui Relvas was a US Marine born in Portugal and killed in the Marine barracks bombing in Beirut 1983.
He is a true Portuguese-American Hero and should never be forgotten.
Best Regards,
Dio Santos
Infrastructure Engineer, Sr. SPX Global Information Services


Dear Mr. Santos, thank you for visiting our site. Yes you're correct, Portuguese-American military heros should not be forgotten, however others should also be included, such as Vietnam (100 or more), Persian Gulf, Coreia, WWII, WWI, Mexican-American wars, Civil War, etc.
We're presently considering a page dedicated entirely to the many Portuguese-Americans who served in the US Armed Forces. Mr. Rui A. Relvas will be included. For now we're only including the Iraq War.


Mr. Mira,  I recently found your web site and was pleased to discover some e-mails you received from at least two people from the Francis Sylvest line.  I am also a direct descendant of Francis.  One of the e-mails you received was from a woman named Jennifer Parker-Ortiz.  I have a second cousin named Jennifer Parker that I haven't seen in years and would love to find out if this is the same woman.  Is there any way I could get some info. on how to contact her?  Even if this is not the same person, I have some information that she may be able to appreciate as I have done extensive research on the Sylvest line (great pictures!)
Thank you,
Christy Parker-Jenkins


This is an extremely interesting site.  Thanks so much for renewing my interest & pride.
Sinceremente, Joao Carvalho Goncalves


Greetings from Canada!
Really enjoyed browsing through your web site. It's very informative, and contains lots of interesting information.
Our association will be having a fund-raising evening for cancer. Wondering if you are aware of any particular contribution by a Portuguese towards cancer research, or the fight towards cancer.
As part of the evening events, we'd like to highlight any contribution or special deed by a Portuguese on the cancer front. Many thanks & keep up the good work.
Your neighbours to the north,
Maria Jose Moniz

I am french, but my great grand father was portuguese. He was coming from Macau and was named Lérias. He met my g-grand mother during the 1st World War (he was a member of the Portugal Expedition Corps 1916-1919). I read on your site that Macau civil records are transfered to Portugal : can you tell me where ?. Congratulations for your site, he makes honour of this great country. That's incredible to see there is so much people originating from Portugal !
Sincerely, Matthieu Fontaine, student in history. France (Pas-de-Calais)
(Sorry for my english)


Congratulations for your page and the information you provide. Keep the good work.If I can be of some help I'll be glad to try to do so. Ana

This will all one day be settled by DNA analysis. My grandparents come from northern Portugal, the Leals and Rodrigues from Vila Real and the Pereiras and Cardosas from Beira Alta. When my DNA was analized I was asked by the geneticist if I had Scandinavian ancestors. This initially shocked me. Grandfather Leal , however, was tall, red headed and blue eyed. Grandmother was a hazel eyed sandy haired woman. I wanted to know more. Research has been frustrating. A geneticist from the United Kingdom suggested that I look into the "Normans" and the Crusades to solve the mystery because Crusaders coming from the countries of northern Europe settled in Portugal. I have read about the prehistory of Iberia and about migrations of early Europeans but I cannot find the answer to the question of the origins of the northern Portuguese. Nothing definitive. I have genetic polymorphisms shared by Scandinavians and I have a skin disease of "Celtic origin". Leads, not enough. One day, DNA haplotyping, available now, though expensive, will be cheap enough to be available to most people. It is being used to help fight disease and to predict suseptibility to disease. I suggest that everyone look into that technology to answer questions of origins and ethnicity. Such a loud noise may initiate the opening of DNA labs to serve genealogists and historians and ordinary people who just want to know more about their origins. Until then, the census data will be based on conjecture, as will history by surnames and even ancestral locale. Bring on those labs.

Rosemary Pereira, New Bedford, MA


Dear Rosemary

There is nothing strange about the geneticist question. Remember, the Vikings settled in northern Portugal for a while and many people from that region are blonde and blue eyed. Then to add to the mix, the Iberia Peninsula was settled by the Celtics which some believe that what is left of the true Celts are today's Basque people.
Good Hunting
Manuel Mira


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