I have just learned about your website through a good friend, Professor Adalino Cabral, from Massachusetts.
After a period living in New England, I decided to relocate my activities in Southern California (city of Rancho Mirage, Coachella Valley). Since 1981, I have been Portuguese Times' guest columnist. My favored themes are those related to ethnicity, cultural affairs, civic issues, international  peace studies, based upon my personal experience (I'm a former Portuguese congressman, Lisbon)
I'm glad to realize that I'm not alone from now on. I have your company.
Best regards, João-Luis DeMedeiros. 


I stumbled across your page and found it very interesting.   I am a first generation American, my Mom is from the Gafana da Incarnação in Portugal and my Dad from Vila Franca de Xira.  Attached is my resume, if I can do anything to assist your organization please let me know.  My only update is in two months I will be transferring our national office in DC where I will be working as a trial attorney for the Pension Benefits and Securities Division, which enforces ERISA in district courts throughout the country.
Again great web site and keep up the good work.
Salvador Simao
Trial Attorney
US Dep't of Labor, SOL Region II 


It is a complex mystery but if you examine photographs of Melungeons, past and present, you will see many people of obvious Portugese descent. As the saying goes, if you looked in the dictionary for "Portugese Person" you would see their pictures.
Howard Huggins
Covesville, VA


Obrigado for putting this together. It makes me extremely PROUD of our small and humble mother country. I am a 30 year old immigrant Portuguese woman and am a guidance counselor in Newtown, CT.
We've come a long way baby !!
Ana Mendes


Dear Manuel Mira,
I just looked at your web site. I grew up in Louisiana. My grandfather's grandfather Francis Sylvest came from Portugal about 1820. He worked on whaling ships in the North Atlantic. I live in Marshall County, TN.Years ago, I saw something on PBS TV about Portuguese in TN. I sure would like to see more on this State. On that program, it showed a canopy of sorts in an area and it was said to be for the early Portuguese in TN. It could have been where a church was held outdoors. I haven't a job but soon as I can I sure would like to buy a copy of your book. Are there any places to visit, today that has something about the early Portuguese in TN? I am nearing 51 years of age and this excites me to want to learn more. In my family, we know that Francis left behind his widow mother and older sister. Both were named, Ontee. I have prayed to connect with the descendents of his sister but the time and season has not come. They could have relocated to another country, too. My dad is taking care of his wife, my mom who is very ill. He is caring for his 96 year old mother, too. He could share lots of information with you if he was able. I know that my ancestor and his wife are buried in Louisiana. The grandsons started having a family reunion at the old homestead near the family graves. They hold it the last Sunday in October, every year. It isn't fancy. Just a gathering with a worship service under trees and a picnic. Family pictures of generations and that sort of thing. I haven't been in years. I know a person who was born in Portugal would be very welcomed. If you are interested in going to the reunion let me know and I will contact whoever is in charge for this year's reunion. My fiancial needs will change soon as my health is better. I have high blood pressure and they tested and found out that my thyroid is the reason my blood pressure is up. I am doing well in spirit. I was baptised on the 31st of August and my daughter was baptised on Sept. 7th of this year. My husband says he isn't ready to get baptised. I am beginning to see good changes take place in him. We had marriage problems from the debts. I bought a Van, used and got my teeth worked on so as to be ready to job search. My health will be better. I am going to ask the Deacons of the church we go to, to pray and annoint me with oil. I am believing in being healed. I pray you are doing well in body as well in spirit, Manuel. Two Sylvest men came from Portugal. My ancestor and his friend Emmanuel Sylvest. Emmanuel's descendents have a family reunion at a church. I haven't been. Genealogy interest me, more today. Family is family and you are part of my family just by being created by God. I will close, for now.
God Bless you. With kindness,
Mrs. Galilee Mills


I would just like to say "Thank-You", I live in a heavily populated Portuguese Community, and we all as a community are very proud of our heritage, and background. And thank you for taking the time and energy to create this webpage , so that we the Portuguese Community are able to go and learn more about our history. viva portugal!
Katrina Sousa










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