Hi my name is Sean Rodrigues. I am 1/2 Portuguese 1/2 Irish. My father was born in Portugal in the 1930's my grandparents immigrated to America around that time. My grandmother forbid Portuguese to be spoken for fear of discrimination. My father joined the navy and I ended up in Edgewater MD at the age of 3 and have lived here ever since. I have only met 1 family of Portuguese descent in the Annapolis area were I live. I found a Portuguese cook book at a bookstore a few years ago and have mastered some of the recipes. I have met a kid on the net who lives in Portugal and we e-mail each other about twice a week. I found web site called Portugal live it has a web cam of Madeira the island my family came from. It is a very beautiful island. I was wondering if you could tell me of any Portuguese festivals in the Baltimore- Washington area in which I might be able to learn more about my heritage.  


I just wanted to say what a great job you did. I have never seen so much information on Portuguese.
Thank you. 
Luis Santos


Photography and Tombstones: Through the Gowen Foundation we became aware of some interesting information regarding this subject. Mr. Bob Tinnell from Salem, Oregon suggested the use of shaving cream when photographing tombstones, and stated that it will no damage. However Mr. Sandi Goren from Kentucky did not agree and suggested to use inert materials such as talk powder or flour. The Moore Family Genealogy Study: David Moore of Evansville, Indiana has completed a study on the John Moore name, and the results  are an impressive collection of names, places found in Northern Portugal and Spain. He expects to put that information on the Internet. We'll keep you informed. The document provides links between the Portuguese and the Melungeons. www.evansville.net/~melung


Ola! Bom dia! I received my membership card and book. Very interesting! I had heard of the Melungeons but didn't know this much research had been done. I am of Azorean descent. If you go to my web site you can see that I have an Azores page. Does this group meet regularly? This is the first group I've found in the SE. I currently writing my dissertation at the Univ of SC, "Education for the Azorean Immigrant Descendant: Selected cases from the University of the Azores Summer Study program." I was there this past summer for 5 weeks and it was wonderful :-) Glad I found your organization.
Curtis Rogers


I enjoyed your newspage 2a. so very much. The song brought back haunting memories. Please tell me the name Thank your so much for your wonderful newspage2a, I would like to see more of them.
Where can I purchase a copy by mail, or internet of: Manuel Mira, The Forgotten Portuguese
Gwen Higdon


I would like to add my mother's name to those of the distinguished Portuguese. I feel she is very worthy to be listed, because of all her hard work and love in keeping our heritage very much alive. Mom had four children, we all spoke Portuguese, and participated in many Portuguese activities as we were growing up. Our heritage was and is very important to our family.

Maria Cabral (Julio Souza), born in Riberinha, Pico,Azores

October 28, 1903, came to California when she was 4 years old, making residency in Sacramento. She met and married my father Joseph Cabral born December 19, 1897, he was born in Faja Grande, Flores, Azores. They were married October 4, 1917. My mother was always very active in the Portuguese community. She was Chairperson for the United Nations events in Sacramento, very active in various Portuguese organizations. From 1954 to 1961 she had a Portuguese Radio Program "Ecos of the Capitol". In 1991 she was awarded the Medal of Merit from the Portuguese Government for her contribution to the Portuguese of California. Mayor Clarence Azevedo (1959) was my mother's cousin, his family also came from the Pico, he is listed in the Section under Portuguese Government. If you need additional information, please contact me.
Jo Ann (Cabral) Wilson
9380 Mirandy Drive
Sacramento, CA 95826
(916) 369-7551
FAX (916) 364-5811


The New England Academy of Codfish, Inc
Academia do Bacalhau da Nova Inglaterra, Inc
Alvará obtido em 3 de Julho de 2000 = Incorporated on July 3rd, 2000
16 Brooks Farm Drive, Bristol, Rhode Island, 02809, U. S. A.
Tel. & Fax (401) 253-5326
E-mail drlucianodasilva@apol.net Website http://www.apol.net/dightonrock/
Manuel Luciano da Silva, President ; Frederico Pacheco, Vice-President; Afonso da Silva, Treasurer;
Silvia Jorge da Silva, Secretary; Deodete Pacheco Assistant Secretary and Maria de Lurdes da Silva, Assistant-Treasurer. Frederico Pacheco Tel. (401) 253-3330. Fax (401) 253-3332 ; Afonso da Silva Tel. (401) 431-5151





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