Dear  Mira or to whom it concerns, if your web site is still active. Mozihno may be Portuguese, but Mozingo is not a derivative of it, a mistaken one possibly but not legitimate.  Mozingo is an Americanized French name. It was officially changed to that at Culpeper courthouse in Culpeper VA, because of its unpronounceable true spelling. It was brought over by 2 brothers, probably in the 1700’s. Any other form of it is just a misspelling of another language.
Thank you.
Mark Mozingo

Dear Mark, you're right, however according to our research, we found this name in several telephone directories published a while ago in Portugal and Spain. Also there is some evidence that the name Mozingo may have come from Africa in the 17th century. We found out that names and spelling have changed since the first Europeans arrived in this continent, and no one can say for sure which is the correct spelling or its origination. As for the Portuguese spelling of Mozinho it is very easy to change the letter "h" to a "g" since the "h" in this case would be silent. In Portuguese the proper pronunciation would be Mozi...nho, the last three letters pronounced as in "onions". Thank you for bringing it to our attention and for your information.


Dear Mr. Mira:                   February 2nd, 2002
Our Board of Directors has approved enthusiastically a motion to buy 400 books of your authorship, entitled “The Portuguese in the formation of America”. Please send us 300 in English and 100 in Portuguese. These books are for our Academy to offer to the various libraries in New England: public, college, universities and high schools.
We believe your book gives an excellent information about the Portuguese contribution to this great country so that our fellow Americans can be informed and also our native sons and daughters of Portuguese American extraction and of course also for future generations.
We want to congratulate you on the magnificent work you have done in accomplishing the publication of your book which we can already consider of much historical importance.
With many thanks for your kind attention, I remain with best regards,
Manuel Luciano da Silva, M. D. President


I was very impressed by your web site.
Manuel Tavares,
architect Boston Ma


Hi, you have no idea how proud I am to encounter this web site, what a great way to inform us , those of us who are far away , and away from the Portuguese community, anyway thank you for all the information given, and I'm looking forward to reading more info all over the United States on our good hard working people, traditions and qualities that will carry to our own generations,
Very proud Portuguese born and raised.
Helena Diamond


Hello from Luis Alberto Cabral, thank you for the wonderful book you have written as a second generation Portuguese Canadian I have been waiting for a book such as this one, again I say thank you Mr. Mira, may you always be in our hearts.


On behalf of all the staff and students of Northeast State Technical Community College, I would like to thank you for the donation of "The Forgotten Portuguese" and "Portuguese Making of America" by Manuel Mira. These are excellent additions to our collection and will be very valuable in assisting our students and members of the community in researching the Portuguese and Melungeons.
Christopher D. Demas, Librarian


I am so happy and proud that someone has taken the time to research and write about our brave people. I am a second generation American but my Avo's taught me how to speak Portuguese, and because of them and my father I have never forgotten my heritage. My father, State Senator George G. Mendonça (deceased) along with Joseph Fragoso (deceased), fought hard to make Dighton Rock a predominant land mark and state park. As you may know Dighton Rock is a stone similar to Plymouth Rock where the pilgrims landed, only Dighton Rock is more intricately carved with the castle symbols from the Portuguese flag on it, the date which predates any other landing in the Americas, and the name of Miguel Cortreal. A man who was so loved by the natives he was made chief of the local tribe. I look forward to reading this history and passing it on as a gift to my brother-in-law who is a history buff and has done extensive research on Prince Henry.
George G. Mendonça Jr.



I am an architect in Ontario Canada. I was born in Sao Miguel Açores. Your site is terrific and I enjoy perusing it. Hermano Moniz Sardinha



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