James Henderson Hall was born about 1825 in Bedford County, Tennessee. He married Sarah D (believe middle name to be Dora) Collier in Pottersville, Howell County, Missouri on Aug. 15, 1855. Children born to this union were William Perry Hall, born June 22, 1855; Nancy A. Hall, born July 1859; John Thomas Hall, born Dec 1, 1867; Grant Hall, birth date unknown; James Henderson "Jim" Hall, born Aug 21, 1869; Dora Matilda Hall, born March 16, 1872; Elias Hall, born about 1873; and 2 infant Hall children, names unknown.
   Family story is that Fredrick Collier disowned his daughter when she married Henderson Hall because he was Indian. If you look at William Perry's birth date and their marriage date, I believe it is more likely he disowned her because she was pregnant before she married Henderson. Family says that Henderson was Chickamaugua Cherokee, but when the family was enumerated as "colored" on a census, Henderson took the state to court and claimed "Portugese" heritage in 1889. The case was a hot topic around Howell County and a change of venue was granted. The case was actually heard in Texas County, Missouri. He produced affidavits from several older members of the Hall tribe, all stating they were "Portugese". These court records would be very valuable to me, providing the "older Hall's" who spoke for him, but the Texas County Courthouse burned. He did win his case, and the Hall children were allowed to attend school again though.


Dear Mr. Mira...Your book was already included in my list of printed sources, and I feel it has made a very valuable contribution to the Melungeon story.
Martha Short


Thank you Manuel, everyone has been so helpful. The site you just provided me, along with Doug's provide the major Links I need. I thought I'd exit from the site as I have a tendency to stay on for hours at a time, so that I could "Thank You." I'm off on searching again. By the way, when I saw your name I thought it looked familiar and looked in my group of books which I purchased. I bought your book "The Forgotten Portuguese," great job.
Thanks again,


Hi, I have been researching my husband's family tree for about 10 years now and for about 10 years I have been stuck on his great grand-father, James Henderson Hall. Family told me he was Chickamaugua Cherokee so I started digging there. There have been many dead ends, needless  to say. family told me that the Hall children weren’t allowed to attend  school because they were Indian. Upon digging into that, I found out that they  weren’t allowed to attend school because they were Indian, but that they were enumerated as "colored" on a census. Then James Henderson Hall took the state  to court and proved that his ancestors were PORTUGUESE! At first I thought, "yeah right! Hall really sounds Portuguese to me!" Then I found out about the Melungeons. I noticed that Hall is name associated with the Melungeons, and  I thought "Well, maybe..." Do you know anything about the Hall name that is associated with the Melungeons? 

Brent Kennedy, Ph. D. replies: Yes, Hall is a very common Melungeon name. The photo of my great-great grandmother (on the book cover) is of "Louisa Hall Nash." It's almost a certainty that this lady's Hall family is related to mine/ours. Especially with the claim of being Portuguese.


Manuel: Just a note to tell you that your book is a fascinating read. I have read about one third and find it to be a masterful work of research. You are to be commended for your scholarship and objectivity in presenting all points of view. Again, thanks for you effort.
John Reis


What an incredible site! I stumbled across the Melungeon Home Page accidentally while doing genealogy research. I am half Portuguese--ancestors from the Azores Island of Terceira, and also Cherokee. I would love to get your book. Will there be any information on the Portuguese in the Azores? In Terceira? How much do you know about the Cherokees and their racial mix? I find this area so fascinating and would love to learn more. Thanks so much for yours and related sites! I am glad I found them!
Sherry L. Rosa.


Dear Sherry, thanks for your kind words. Definitely there is a connection between the Melungeon and Cherokee as well as the Portuguese. In the beginning of this century, when more rights were given to the Cherokee Indians, many applied to be part of the tribe. There was at least one that I know of that applied and it wrote on the application that his race was Portuguese.


Why is there not more passenger lists listed with the names, they are only a few that I could research on your web site the rest I could not get on. Are they put on by volunteers? I was looking for ones to Fall River and New Bedford in the late 1890 and 1900 from the Azores especially St. Michael. Any advice you could give me. I did a genealogy search on both my parents all Portuguese. I found everything I needed to know but am stuck on one grandmother they can’t find her death certificate and I also wrote where the town she died and vital records in Boston also and they can't find her. I also wrote the church where she is buried. I know where she is buried, her name is not on the stone but her husband is. I have written and called and told them what I need to know but to no avail. I want to know her fathers and mothers name. I know her maiden name and one brother. Do I give up help please thanks answer soon. God bless I love your web page been on it many times.
Barbara Prater



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