My sister and I are trying to find Rodrigues, Manuel married to Mary Carrar or Camarra from the Madeira Is. Our great-grand-father's name may have been Antonio Joseph Rodrigues and his wife Caroline Mary Fernandes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
Carol Rodrigues O'Brien


Carol, I'll try to help you with the "Anglicized" names you have. Manuel Rodrigues was married to a Maria Camara. "Carrar" is not a Portuguese surname. It might have been "Correia" but since you also mentioned "Camara" I do know that is a Portuguese surname so it most likely is that (notice the spelling). It's good to know the Portuguese equivalents just in case you start researching these names in Portugal (for birth, baptismal, marriage, and death certificates). Your great grand-father's name would be Antonio Jose Rodrigues and his wife would be Carolina Maria Fernandes in Portugal. Have you tried looking for passenger records for the approx. dates they came to America? It should list where from the Madeira Islands they came from. Once you know where from Madeira, you could probably write to the Archives on Madeira and ask for the appropriate certificates or, you could probably order the proper microfilm from your local Family History Center. I do know that the Azores islands and Madeira island were also known collectively as "The Western Islands" for sometime in the late 1800's--so, watch for this too. I hope I've helped just a bit. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me!
Miguel A. da Rocha Labrego


Hello, My Great-Great Grand-father was William Gato. He lived in Maine and was born in Portugal according to the 1900 census. How can I find out about this family line? In another one of my lines I have been told we were Melungeons. Many of the names of the children hint Spanish ancestry. For example Margaret Paramento. The name of interest is Julia Ann Holt whose parents were born in Maryland. I never suspected Melungeons to be in Maryland. Thank-you
Doug Huling


We are a Portuguese family whose ancestors went from The Islands (Madeira and The Azores) to the then Kingdom of Hawaii between the years 1872-1885. Our family names are; deMattos (Azores), d'Ornellas, Pitta, Gomes-Jardim, from Madeira. The family is scattered all throughout the United States, many on the internet. We would appreciate hearing from anyone with similar names and interests.
Thank you,
Bob Ornellas


Your site is outstanding.  It is a pleasure to see how many Portuguese people have been successful.  It is an honor being in the midst of your list.
John  Constantino,
Lt. Col. RI Army National Guard


Dear Mr. Mira: Thanks also for providing this web page. It is wonderful to see the impact  that our people have had in the formation of this country. For such a small group, we really make a big impression!
Muitissimo obrigado,
Jim Medeiros


I was in Newport, Rhode Island this past weekend and discovered a monument honoring the Portuguese explorers who discovered so many parts of the world, it overlooks the ocean and is quite a beautiful site. My first feeling and comment to my husband was that the Portuguese are honored here! Its sad but true… I grew up on Cape Cod in Massachusetts where the "dumb Portagee jokes" and prejudice were rampant. My name was Simmons (from Simões) I hid behind that English sounding name so people wouldn't know my nationality. As the years have gone by I have discovered that it is a wonderful and proud thing to be Portuguese. I am trying to recapture all I have missed in growing up without my Portuguese heritage. Thanks for listening friends.... It was an emotional moment and I wanted to share it with you.


This morning as I read the "New Bedford Standard Times," I was thrilled to see the article about you and your book. I live in Florida and will see if I can get a copy of it. My family is Portuguese (Mama and her family came from Fayal, Azores, daddy's mother came from the Azores as well, his father's parents also were Azoreans... I take much pride in the fact of my family's history and am proud to be a "Portuguese" American. My vovo always told me to never forget the earth of the old country flowed in my veins and to always tell people I was not just an American, but a Portuguese American and do so with my head held high. Sorry my correspondence is long! Am very excited about the book.
Lois A. Cobb


Just want to thank you to write about the Portuguese role in the American History. Again Mr. Manuel Mira. I was born in the Island of Faial, came to this country in 1961, married a girl from Madeira, have one daughter 17, Antone Candido, good luck on your endeavors.


Dear Manuel... First let me congratulate you, for your book, which I'm presently in the process of reading. I'm really impressed with the scope and importance of your book. Not only because History of the Americas - Colonial Period and Linguistics are my favorite subjects, but because you really wrote a very informative and enjoyable book. Congratulations!
Evelyn Howell
Santee, South Carolina


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