Manuel, I loved your web page. It is wonderful. I have been interested in the Melungeons for many years, and your book and research is so wonderful! God bless you.


     I just finished reading it -- wow!  It was very interesting and educational!!  I am very impressed! I especially liked your narrative about the Judge Shephard Melungeon Case in N.C.  I also was interested in the story about "O Barco e O Sonho" and you mentioned that one could possibly obtain the video from Henda Records.  I called and spoke to Mario Costa but he said that it was out of print and he did not have one.  Do you know of any other place where I could find it? Muito obrigado. Christiane :-)


     My name is B.B., and I'm new to posting on this list.  I've been reading the various postings and have found it very interesting.  I would appreciate any information regarding Santo António, São Miguel, Azores.  My greatgrandparents and their families are from there.  My great-grand-father, António Carvalho d'Oliveira married my ggrandmother, Maria dos Santos, in Ponta Delgada in January of 1900.  My ggrandfather's parents were Joaquim Carvalho d'Oliveira and Jacinta de Jesus.  My ggrandmother's parents were João d'Oliveira Santos (or dos Santos) and Victória de Jesus.  I find it curious that both of my gggrandfather's names were d'Oliveira and both my gggrandmother's names were de Jesus!  Would anyone have any possible explanations to offer---could they all have been related?? Thanks for any help. Kind regards,
B. B.


         Manuel Mira.  I am of Azorean descent. My grandparents were from Faial and the Portuguese community in Providence, Rhode Island. I have been serving as a paratrooper in the US Army for 26 years and I have been at Fort Bragg, NC for some years now. I am very pleased to see the note, in regards to your book and this web site,   posted by Doug Holmes in the Portuguese List (a genealogy forum).  I will order your book today and anxiously await its arrival. I hope that more work is done to publish in English the contributions made by Azorean people. There is also little in English published works of the details surrounding the large Flemish population who were a significant fraction of the 15th century settlement of the central and western Azores. James Guill did a great job of introducing this subject in his book, 'Azores: a history' in 1993. Good luck in the future.
    Al Rose - Lieutenant Colonel - US Army -  researching surnames; FRAGA, ROSA and SILVA


 Dear Mr. Mira - Am planning a trip to Portugal with my mother in the next couple main objective is to see where she came from (Vila Cortez, Guarda) and to obtain as much genealogical info as I can...She came to US in 1953 at age 11 with her mother and sister and my aVo followed shortly after.  My vovo's maiden name was Andrade, she was born in Cuvo (sp?), but her father was an illegitimate child and we have yet to learn whether the Andrade name was HIS mother's maiden name or his father's name.   I notice Andrade seems to originate in the Azores...yet cannot find connection of our family to it.  Also looking into my mother's maiden name of Garrido.  Any suggestions? 
Thank you in advance.
Maria M.


     Dear Maria M. - I'm glad that you're going to Portugal. The name Vila Cortez, may be written as Vila Cortes. The names in Portuguese do not end with a "z". Since your mother was born in this century, your only choice to research for her immediate parents is to go the "Conservatoria do Registo Civil" in Guarda city and request her birthday certificate with detail. Then you'll have the names of your Grand-parents and possible Great-grandparents.
     With this information, then proceed to the "Arquivos do Distrito da Guarda" where you may start further research. Be prepared to spend long hours, or you may find someone that would do it for a fee. The name Andrade, Andrews in English, most likely originated in the Continent, and from there to the Azores. If you get the birth certificate you'll have the right name and spelling of the place where your Avô was born. The name Garrido can also give some clues. Suggest to talk with older people in the village. Usually they're the best source of information that you can follow up.
     Good Luck. Have a Merry Holiday "Boas Festas" in Portuguese.
Manuel Mira
















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