Dear Mr. Mira - My ancestors lived in Delaware and were part of a group of people known as the Delaware Moors.  Since the time of my great - my family line has spelled our name Councilor.  Prior to that it had various spellings (Counsellor, Concealor, Conselah, Gonsela, Gonsalos, Consalues, and earliest Gonsaloos- about 1674 in Accomack, VA) depending on who the census taker or local tax man was and how he decided to spell what he heard.  The Moors had definite Delaware Indian blood but also either Spanish or Portugese blood as I have been told that the family name is Iberian in origin.  Also other early families of the Moor community were named Rodiriguez (later Driggus) and Francisco (also Sisco later on).  I just saw the mention of your book on the Melungeon home page and wondered if your research had located any Portugese folks in the Delaware-Maryland-Virginia Peninsula in the mid to late 1600's? Thank you for any information that you can provide to me.


     Dear T.C - In my research, I discovered that there were a number of groups named the Moors around the area mentioned. Not much is known as individuals, more research is needed. The names described have a definite Portuguese background, due to the fact that they end with the letter "s". Spanish names do generally end with letter "z". I'll keep you posted as the data base is being put together from the ship passenger list that came to North America in the 16th and 17th century.

    Hello Manuel - I'm writing to ask if the family name Cisco is known to you as a name of Portuguese origin.  The family history, the little we know, tells us that it was a Portuguese named Peter Francisco who arrive in Boston in the 17th century is the earliest known (mythically) antecedent.  We also have a Civil War sword that belonged originally to a Francis Marion Cisco, his name is engraved on the sword, I think he was a great, great grandfather.  I also know that my grandfather, Charles Edward Cisco and his brother made a trip to the Appalachians in the 1930's seeking out relatives but no record of what they found exists.  My grandfather lived around Clinton, Illinois which is just west of the small town of Cisco. Appreciate any insights you can provide.   
Thank you,   
S. E. C.


     Dear S.E.C. - Yes,  Cisco is a short form of the Portuguese name Francisco (Latin origin). Pedro Francisco was a Portuguese from the Azores, but it arrived in Virginia in the 1700's and fought alongside George Washington in the Revolution. My book mentions him and gives a brief story. The name Francisca is the same name given to a woman and very often is shortened for Francis. I do know a Portuguese lady, original name was Francisca and now it has been changed in the United States to Francis. Be patient and don't give up. One of the source of information is the list of passengers from the 16th century on.
Good Luck.






























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