HI :
My name is Artur Melo Da Silva Sanhudo , name changed in 1964 ( to simplify the American language ) To Arthur Silva Sanhudo .

I was born in Murtosa Portugal in Nov 29, 1952 To Mario and Clotilde Sanhudo . Was called to the USA in 1964 by my parents where I resided in Newark NJ. After High School I went to the US Navy where I served Aboard the USS Seattle AOE-3 from 1971 -1975

In 1982 I took the Newark Fire Dept. examination where I placed 13 out of a few thousand that took the exam.

In May of 1983 I was hired by the Newark Fire Dept as a firefighter thus becoming the first Portuguese born to serve in that city.

In 1996 I took the Captains examination where I placed 53 out of hundreds that took the examination.

In 1998 I was promoted to the rank of Captain on the Newark Fire Dept. again the first Portuguese to hold that title.

I'm a very patriotic man I love Portugal the country where I was born . I have visited Portugal many times and every time I leave I shed a tear or two.

Well thanks for reading my article also please write back so I can become a member .

Boa Tarde Arthur Sanhudo


Dear Sir;

It has been five years since I read your site. I along with my husband have been living in Tennessee for twenty + years. “The Francis Sylvest Story” by Vince Sylvest is on a website.

From: Francis, his son Alex, his son Hammond, my dad Francis to me, Beverly was my given name until 1996. I posted on your site years ago. The Sylvest family doesn’t gather like they use to at the cemetery in Tangipahoa Parrish, Louisiana. Not many are interested. Perhaps, your book and Foundation may give them a spark of renewal.

Thank you for your studies and countless hours of research, etc. I thank you for being a Historian. It keeps the family informed.

Mrs. Galilee S. Mills



I just wanted to say that your site is amazing. My mother is from Terceira, Acores Maria Filomena Da Silva and she met and married my father here in Ontario (he was Greek). Hence my name Eleftheria (Lephie) Banitsiotis (now Rotundo as I am married to an Italian-Canadian). We have always embraced our Portuguese heritage and I cherish the memories of my trips to the Acores and Portugal.

Lephie Rotundo
Bolton, Ontario


“Dear Mr. Mira,

I am a Portuguese-American woman producing an educational children's television show that teaches European Portuguese as a language. The show is becoming a hit among non-Portuguese audiences as well, and we need emergency funding to begin selling DVDs of the program as soon as possible. Filipe also wanted me to suggest a name I thought of to the PAHR list of media celebrities of Portuguese descent - you have Sesame Street composer Joe Raposo listed, but you might also wish to list the name of one of his young cousins, Greg Raposo, an extremely popular pop vocalist and songwriter formerly of the boy band Dream Street.

You can visit my television series http://www.sunshineagain.com. Thank you for any assistance you can point out to me.”


Hey, I was reading the article on your website about whether people of Portuguese descent should be considered as Hispanics. I am from Brazil but grew up in the U.S. My paternal grandparents immigrated to Brazil from Sintra Portugal and my Maternal Grandparents came to Brazil from Gilsenkirchen Germany. Therefore I am Portuguese/German. I consider myself white due to the fact both sides of my family are from Europe. I don't look like the stereotypical "Brazilian" that most Americans think. Brown eyes, Dark skinned, Black hair.Which in fact Brazil is just like the U.S. it has a variety of people ranging from Black to Blonde with Blue eyes and Asian. Which are all considered as "Brazilians", not Afro Brazilian or White or Asian Brazilian unlike here where we like to dice everybody up into different groups, but expects everyone to see each other as equals or the same. I'm pale white with green eyes and light brown hair. Most people consider me white, but Some people here tell me I am "Latino" but the term is thrown incorrectly here in the U.S. They think of Latinos as Mexicans or Puerto Ricans or from a Spanish speaking nation. What it really means is that you're of Latin origin, or from the group of people who speak the Romance languages, which means you could be Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian etc... Anyway, it kind of bugs me when people say Portuguese is the same thing as Spanish.... Just because a couple of words are closely related due to the fact they are both languages derived from Latin. I can understand somewhat of what French or Italians are saying but I'm not going to say it's the same thing as Portuguese. I'm proud of my Portuguese Heritage. Growing up and having Portuguese Grandparents and German grandparents helped me know great things about both ends of my family tree. I wish the Portuguese community could be more outspoken as the Hispanic community so everyone one would know that we have very great and unique things about our Luso heritage. I stumbled upon this website and immediately was intrigued because it helped answer questions that I have been pondering in my head for years.

Muito Obrigado

Alex Ribeiro


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