Are we Hispanics or Portuguese?
If you are Portuguese or you are a Portuguese descent; you are Portuguese and not Hispanic . How tuff is that? Now only people who can call themselves Latinos are people who are descent or born in Latin America ( Central America, South America, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico ) No matter if your from Brazil and speaks Portuguese or French ( in case of the French Guyana, north of Brazil ) you are a LATINO. Why is that? Because these are the languages ( Portuguese and Spanish ) that GAVE the name to LATIN America, because both of them are derived from Latin. Now if it was only the Spaniards that conquered South America, I think by today it would be called Spanish America or La America Española . Vice Versa with Portuguese; A America Portuguesa or The Luso America.- Emanuel Carvalho
Well it would seem to me that the early 1900's were not as confused by this predicament as everybody seems to be now. On birth certificates dated at that time under color or race, the Portuguese were listed as "white"- period. The confusion comes in when Spain and Portugal, (a white race) invaded Mexico and intermarried with the Aztec Indians, (a dark race) called Mexica, which left a new race of people. The offspring were no longer Aztec nor were they Portuguese or Spanish. They were a mixture of two or three different races, and so they became a race unto themselves. The Mexicans have Portuguese, Spanish, and Aztec blood in them, but the Portuguese, Spanish, or Aztec, do not have Mexican blood in them. The Portuguese are Portuguese because of the nations that bred them, but the nations that bred them are not Portuguese. Is this clear? Frank Silva
Ola, my name is Lenio, I am a Portuguese immigrant who was born in Terceira, Angra do Heroismo in Portugal. I am just writing to say that it's a relief to find a site where other Portuguese people like myself are fighting to make the rest of the world understand that we are not Spanish and all those other ethnicities/races so many ignorant people consider us to be. I am a very proud Portuguese. I even consider myself to be a Portuguese nationalist. I came to America at the age of three and a half and I thank God that I have grown to be a man who did not forget about his people and country due to all the ignorance and falseness around me from people that I've met and things that I've seen and heard. I must be honest about something, it pisses me off when I see and hear things about the Portuguese that label us something other than what we are. All the stereotypes and things like that. Due to all of this I have become very nationalistic because I feel that's the way we need to be. I hope I am making sense and if not then I am sorry but right now I am speaking from the heart on how I feel inside and so I'm just typing as the thoughts come to mind. I know How I feel about this inside and I try to explain as best I can to other Portuguese. We cannot allow ourselves to give up in order to satisfy the ignorance of those who want us to go with what they label us. It really makes me depressed when I see one of our own say they are Hispanic. Things like this just really get me angry. We are Portuguese.

This is an example of a kind of pet peeve I have regarding these types of issues:
Recently some of my family members have gone on a trip to Terceira to visit family there. Before they left we were all sitting in my Uncles house in his living room talking while we waited for the bus that was supposed to arrive to take them to the air port. There was a Spanish lady there who I had never met. I guess she was a friend of one of my family members and she just came along. Anyway, I was sitting on the couch watching everyone converse and my aunt started speaking to her in Spanish (even though she understood Portuguese) and so this irritated me a bit as I was watching my Portuguese family members laugh and speak Spanish to each other to see who could do it better and I finally just got up and left to go sit outside. Later two of my little cousins, Anna and Brianna came out and asked what was the matter and I explained to them that we are Portuguese and we have enough struggle already with being depicted as Spanish and us doing that would not help us in getting away from that depiction. I explained to them that we need to be proud of being Portuguese. I try to set examples like that to not just my little cousins but anyone who I know is Portuguese.
The point of this story is just to give an example of how I feel inside. I am not afraid to admit that I am all for the Portuguese. People may consider that being closed minded or whatever but that doesn't matter because I have my reasons. The way I see it is we need to proud like that we need to put our foot down and say "HEY! ... we are Portuguese and Proud! We ARE different!"
One of the reasons why the events in that story irritated me is because I did not see that Spanish lady put forth an effort to speak Portuguese after she was asked to try so why they heck do I have to see my OWN people put that effort in to speaking their language?... I mean I see that all the time... I see so many Portuguese people who know Spanish, who understand it and So many Spanish who DON'T know Portuguese or try to understand it. I personally believe that the Spanish don't give a rats A$$ about our language so why do we care of theirs?...
I get really mad and very nationalistic because we as Portuguese are like... UNDER DOGS I guess that's best way to explain it. I'm tired of all these stereotypes about my people and I for one will fight for Portugal and all my Portuguese brothers and sisters and I do not wish to do this alone but rather with their help:) Let's STAND TOGETHER!... Sincerely, Lenio M.Q.B.

-Hello, my name is Michael Maciel,  I was born in Los Angeles, California, USA in 1987 where I have lived all my life. I was born to Mexican-immigrants and I'm confident I'm of Spaniard descent, since my mother is very light in complexion and my dad could be called white with his complexion. For years I have wondered about the origin of my last name Maciel Finally, know I know, I'm 17 now and I have learned that my last name is actually of PORTUGUESE ORIGIN!
So, now I know I have both Spanish and Portuguese blood in me, so when it comes to racial classifying, I just mark white, because I am white, I'm of European descent, My skin is extremely white, I have natural blondish/light brown hair and light brown eyes, I attempt to get a tan but instead I end up looking like a lobster.
I very much think that Portuguese people and all people in Europe are white and even if you are born in Mexico, Central America, or South America, there are people that are also of European descent.
Hispanic is a damn word the government uses to classify people that speak Spanish, I speak fluent Spanish and now that I have learned of my Portuguese origin, I will begin to teach myself and study the Portuguese language this segunda-feira.Viva la Peninsula Iberia!-
The Foundation has received a letter from Mr. Martellari, an Italian-American gentleman who has an opinion about the Hispanic classification. He frequents the virtual Italia web site, which has also a forum to discuss the same subject.
Read the whole letter-
-I have to say, this is one of the most interesting and controversial dialogues I've had the pleasure to read on this site. It's a treat to read other's opinions on this politically sensitive matter... Truly, J-oseph Martellari


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