I am Portuguese and the one thing that is just so annoying to me is when people try to tell me what i am not. People do not understand that Portuguese people just as Americans come in every size and color!

Personally I do not consider myself hispanic because i don't speak spanish (but Portuguese) and am not from a country decending from Spain. I wish that the ignorant people of this world would wise up and check their facts before making assumptions of what someone is before knowing the history behind a country!
I was born and raised in Connecticut, my first language was Portuguese. I consider myself, Portuguese. I always put other then write Portuguese.
My boyfriend was born in Portugal but raised here, made a big thing about this with the local construction union and now they have added Portuguese to the applications.
I am sorry but I get insulted when people say that they aren't Portuguese and say that Puerto Ricans and Portuguese are the same thing!
Where did history go so wrong?

Marcy Antunes.

Honestly, it is so nice to read some of your comments on how xHispanicsx address you in Spanish. I live in a xHispanicx neighborhood and I feel I am the only Portuguese. It used to aggravate the hell out of me that people would just assume that I am xHispanicx or xSpanishx and address me in Spanish. We are in the USA, so talk to me in either English, or ask me first what my mother tongue is. They ask me if I am Argentinean or Colombian. I speak Spanish fluently and often. But I still have huge xfightsx trying to make the point across that my name is MendoNCa and not Mendoza. People still do not get it right!!!!

Just Venting!!! Thanks to all for your comments.

Mendonça, NJ USA
I absolutely agree with most statements that say we are not Hispanic. We donxt speak Spanish, so we are neither Spanish nor Hispanic.

We are Latins, like Romanians, French, Italians and Spaniards. But we are not Latinos, as that would imply we live in central or south America.

However, I have to say that even though I grew up believing I was xwhite Caucasianx, most people do not see us like that.

I had the opportunity to talk to a Dutch who assured me Portuguese are Black. According to Black Haitians (Haiti), Portuguese are not xWhitex and according to most xLatinosx, from countries like Ecuador and Colombia we are not xwhite Caucasiansx either.

Please refer to Wikipedia x I found this to be very informative and thorough.

xThe Caucasian race, sometimes called the Caucasoid race,[1][2] is a concept 19th to early 20th c. scientific racism. This typological method was discredited and the concept is not relied on in scientific work related to humans.[3][4]

Note that the term Caucasian survives along with the similar classification "white" in many sociological studies. It is also retained with the corresponding terms Negroid and Mongoloid in a scientific sense in biological anthropology.x

In reality most of this terminology is WRONG and obsolete. The word race alone implies that an ethnic group has been isolated from any other group and we know that humans moved around and that even the xwhitex Germans or Irish are the result of an amalgamation of different ethnic groups.

I suppose that what ticks off most non-whites is the fact that we Portuguese deny, or rather donxt emphasize our Arabic/ Northern-African ancestry.

I feel that people residing in South America are very sensitive to xracex and where Portuguese people position themselves ethnically. They cannot forget the xgenocidex Iberians committed, but they easily forget the genocide committed by Germans not that long ago.

Many thanks for this xPortuguese Foundationx. Keep up the good work.

Hope my English was understandable as I am not a native speaker.

In the sates since 2001

Joe, I am from xthe Continentx and studied in college in Portugal with people from all over Portugal and even many PALOPS (Paises Angolanos de Lingua Oficial Portuguesa).

My colleagues from the North (Braga and Guimaraes) used to tell all of us that we were xMourosx. They used to say that pass Porto we were all moors.

That was just a joke. Like people that tell a Portuguese from Azores or Madeira that they are not true Portuguese, that can only be a form of a tease.

All countries have regionalism within them, but I have to say compared to many other countries, where each region speaks their own dialect, like Austria, Portugal is a very cohesive country. I do agree with you though, that no one from one particular nationality should feel superior to any one from another one. I suppose you are more aware of that because you are so mixed and culturally so rich, Ixm sure. I believe that the world will change to become a better place with people like you that are xmulti-nationalx and have a true insight on various cultures. (Sorry about the English. Hope I conveyed the right message).

I am not an expert, but I donxt think that Portuguese was DRAWN from Gallego. There was once a language called xgalaico-portuguesx, which developed into Gallego and Portuguese. I think that would be more accurate.

Saludos, Greetings, Cumprimentos, Gruesse




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