Mr. Medeiros;
The following is for your information:

1. The Portuguese are a minority like many others and represented accordingly.

2. The Azoreans, Madeirans, Minhotos, Algarvios, etc. are Portuguese, not a separate nationality.

3. The Portuguese-Americans have a separate Caucus in Congress just like the Hispanics.

4. The Portuguese are well represented nationally by PALCUS, the Portuguese-American Leadership Council of the United States and is based in Washington, DC.

5. The CHLI recognizes the Americans of Hispanic and Portuguese descent separately not not as one group. PALCUS also does the same.

The Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI) works to promote alternative approaches to challenges faced by more than 40 million Americans of Hispanic and Portuguese descent living in the United States today.

Dear Miguel;

You are incorrect. Portuguese are considered Latins. A third of our members in our ogranization are from Spain to answer your question. We have Mexicans, Argentinians, Brazilians, Columbians, Venezualians, Azoreans, Spainards, Portuguese, Puerto Ricans, etc. In Congress, the Hispanic Caucus was recently changed to reflect that Portuguese ancestry is welcomed to the group. I again identify as a Latino--that is my business not yours. I am pleased to learn that you don't live in the United States and I am sure you are making a contribution of some sort where you currently reside. The Portugeuse are under-represented minorites in the United States. How you identify though is a question of personal self -identity. So don't ask me to call myself something that I don't think I am not or am not comfortable with and I won't ask you to do the same.


Denis M Medeiros

@ Mr. Denis Medeiros

You are right when you say that Portuguese and Spanish heritage are embraced.

We come from the iberian peninsula (Hispania).

But just because someone comes from the iberian peninsula doesn't mean he is Hispanic!

But let me ask you a question:

You wrote that you are president of a Latino organization.So let me ask you: how many Spanish (from Spain),Italian,French,Romanian people do you have in your organization?

Because this nations( and Portugal) are the real Latins( not Latinos) from Europe.

You may be Latin but you are surely not a Latino.There is a big difference between Latins and Latinos.Latins are white, based on their ethnicity and heritage because they come from Europe; Latinos are not white because they are a mix of many races.

By the way how could Latinos ask you if you are not a Latino?

Just look at the countries where they come from! A very mixed population where there are some dark skinned people as well as white skinned people.For them it's all the same!

Man, You cannot imagine how happy i am that i don't live in the U.S.A ; strange country.

Miguel Martins
I am appalled at the misconception presented in this forum about what some individuals consider Hispanics. Many would argue that it is offensive and incorrect to use skin color to define what is Hispanic. Using that logic one would need to reclassify blacks based solely on skin color--those with darker shades are more black and identify more than those lighter in shade. This would be very inappropriate and a form of racisim to use color to define a group of peoples. This could suggest an element of racism by my portuguese kin in being associated with Hispanics and prefer to be called white out of shame or being labelled a "minority". Every university in the United States and the Library of Congress considers Portuguese in their Hispanic Studies offerings. It is this academic piece that has stood the test of time and will continue to influence laws. Time magazine got it right!!! In the end-it is how the individual self identifies, which is a private decision and is no one elses business. I am currently President of Alianza, a campus wide Latino organization at my institution, and no other Latinos have ever questioned my NOT being Latino since I am Portuguese In fact, Portuguese and Spanish heritage are embraced! It is time to stop fighting wars between feudal kings fought centuries ago. This is the 21st century. In fact, I would argue that since Hispanic came from Hispania the region the Romans gave to the Iberian peninsula shared by Spain and Portugal, we are ceeding our heritage to Spain as being the only decendants from Hispanola. In some circles I have heard Portuguese refer to themselves as Luso-Hispanic, denoting their Portuguese roots.

Denis M Medeiros, PhD, RD










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