I just can't read it anymore.

Portuguese people considering themselves as Latinos? How stupid is that? What has a guy from Portugal in common with a guy from South/Central America (notice that I mean native people here, not some blond haired people from South America, because they are European, more or less)? The answer is language (Brazil) and that's it. Just look at one guy from South America and one from Portugal. You can't say they are similar! If people consider Portuguese to be Latinos then they can't consider South Americans to be Latinos because racially, they don't have much in common.
I can't understand people like Mr. Sean Heuer who write things like: "I am half Portuguese and half whitex. I mean, that's nonsense!
For example let's think about a couple of Europeans who are known in America and are considered white
There is Catherina Zeta Jones. Actress from Wales who has dark hair, dark eyes and a dark complexion.
There is Collin Pharrel. Actor from Ireland. Dark hair, dark eyes and, letxs be honest, not the lightest complexion.
There is Sean Connery from Scotland with dark hair and eyes.
There is Heidi Klum from Germany. She has naturally dark hair and dark eyes.
and last but not least
Freddy Mercury (Queen) from England with dark hair, dark eyes, dark complexion.

And I could go no and on for hours. So let's be serious. If the people on the list are considered as white in America, so should be the Portuguese. What are the qualifications to be considered as white in America? Is that an Anglo-Background? Northern European background? Or is there something else? This is for me as European very strange, because it seems like if somebody with a darker complexion comes from north Europe they are white. But if the same man/woman comes from south Europe they are not white. Well you see that here must be something wrong here. White people cannot just have blond haired and blue eyes otherwise the people on the list would be non-white! That's why Ixm saying that Mr. Sean Heuer's argumentation is non-sense. What should you care about what your friends or everyone else says? Is there anyone of your friends who Is an anthropologist?
I consider myself as white whatever people say and I am proud to be Portuguese, European and white (not in a nationalistic way).
Miguel Martins (I think with this name I will never be white in America)


After coming across with an article in the on-line edition of xTimex, that labelled Portuguese immigrants as Hispanic, I couldnxt avoid feeling outraged. As a Portuguese, born and bred - though already prepared to hear it from some American tourist- I would never thought that I would ever come to read such an ignorant thing in one of the most prestigious magazines in the world. Hispanic refers to someone with origin in a Spanish speaking country or in Spain itself. Calling Portugal, -which being the European country with the oldest boundaries certainly deserves a little more respect than that!- Hispanic, would be regarded by Portuguese (from Portugal) as most offensive, for these two countries have a history of rivalry that goes back more than a few centuries. However, what shocked me the most was reading in one of the letters a young boy claiming to be half-Portuguese and half-white!!! This really is beyond my understanding, and it certainly is news for the rest of the Portuguese people who all this years foolishly believed that Portuguese was their nationality, and not their race. Portugal is the result of a mix of people and cultures. From the roman presence to the Germanic invasions and more recently the African immigration lots of factors contributed to the actual path, in which my brown skinned girl friend, my blond cousin, my black friend and me can all be considered Portuguese! Calling us all Hispanic would hardly make any sense. Your country really has an issue with labels. Is cataloguing people that important? I fail to see what good will come of it. If I understand, declaring to be Hispanic will be legally beneficialx but would the law allow a Portuguese person to declare as such?

Please be proud of your heritage! Portugal is NOT Spain !

André Pires, a Portuguese from Portugal
ps: sorry if my english isn't perfect


 am half Portuguese and half white. I distinguish being Portuguese from being white because I am treated differently for being Portuguese so why should I fill out on forms that I am white. My mom was born in Pico in the Azores and my Dad is an European mutt. My mom is now married to a Portuguese man. I was born in California and I live in San Jose, whose population is primarily made up of Mexicans and Portuguese. I can speak Spanish and Portuguese, but neither fluently, and many of my friends are Latinos. Just last week I was asking my mom what I nationality I should circle on my SAT forms. She told me that she used to put Latino, but now puts Caucasian on her government forms. I have also put other and disagree with my mom about putting white. I have black hair and year round tan skin and most of my friends call me Mexican or "beaner" despite countless times telling them that I am Portuguese. I have gotten many funny responses from people when I tell them I am Portuguese. My favorites are "Oh so your Mexican" and "Oh you are from Puerto Rico." I am in high school right now and I feel that I should be able to receive scholarships to college for being Latino if I am treated differently for being Latino and since most people think I am Mexican or Hispanic. I am very proud to be Portuguese, but one thing that upsets me is the Portuguese population in America who dislikes the Hispanics in America. I think that the Portuguese in America need to maybe be a little less nationalistic to avoid being prejudiced to other nationalities. I am very glad that this discussion forum has interested so many people and I hope my ideas are shared on your forum, Thank You.

Sean Heuer

Dear Sean,
There is nothing wrong in being Hispanic, and if any Portuguese does not like Hispanics, it must be for a personal reason, don't pay attention to them. Many Portuguese are married to Hispanics and they do not have problems because of that. They're Bi-cultural and richer. If your heritage is Portuguese then you're Portuguese. You're also Latino in the sense that you speak two Latin languages. Portuguese people comes in all colors, so whatever color you are does not define your heritage. Being Portuguese outside Portugal is not a nationality, it is more of a cultural way of life. In the end be proud of what you are and carry that pride within yourself.

Good luck and ignore stereotype labels. Most people do not know any better.

Manuel Mira, North Carolina


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