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I stumbled onto this website and was elated to see something like this exists – I am a Portuguese Canadian and very proud of my heritage. Our people have always been a humble one with very few who shout out their successes, and there have been many. I am so fortunate to have married one of them, my husband Dr. José M. Silva is a well respected scientist who heads up the East Coast DMPK Group for Johnson and Johnson. His scientific contributions have been sited worldwide and as such, has become a well recognized figure in the scientific community concerning drug discovery, worldwide. I have taken a portion of a document that was recently written to substantiate a claim of Outstanding Researcher for Dr. Silva – I think it clearly summarizes his dedication to science and quietly puts him in a category few of us will ever reach.

xxIn summary, Dr. Silva has published articles in international scientific journals; he has presented his findings at international conferences and is a member of distinguished organizations. Dr. Silva has also conducted his novel research at several prestigious institutions, both academic and professional, and has been invited to serve as a reviewer for an internationally recognized journal. His research work has resulted in awards as well as earning him an international reputation as an expert and leading research scientist which has been attested to by his peers.

Dr. Silva clearly has risen to that small percentage of individuals who are at the top of their field of specialization. His expertise and advanced research work in the field of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, and specifically, understanding the potential metabolic disposition of drug candidates in order to lead to the discovery and development of safe drugs to treat human diseases. He has been instrumental in advancing research projects at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, LLC as well as at leading academic institutions. Dr. Silva is a researcher of the highest caliberxx

Quick overview of his life and milestones:

· Dr. José Manuel Ladeira e Silva was born in Aveiro Portugal in 1962; at age 11 he went to Canada, St Johnxs Newfoundland where despite a language barrier was able to academically succeed and entered into a Masterxs Degree Program in Bio Chemistry at Memorial University.

· In 1986, Dr. Silva left his family [mother -Generosa e Silva, father- Manuel Augusto e Silva and two sisters, Maria and Christine e Silva] and went to Toronto, Ontario to complete his Masterxs Degree and pursue a PhD at the University of Toronto.

· In 1992, Dr. Silva completed his PhD with a substantial list of publications. In the same year, he went on to begin a Post Doctoral Fellowship with Merck Frosst in Montreal, PQ Canada.

· In 1994, Dr. Silva married Marilyn P. Vasconcelos; together they moved to Montreal, where Dr. Silva accepted a permanent position with Merck Frosst.

· In his first years at Merck, he was rated one of the top 5% and awarded accordingly.

· In 1998, Dr. Silva and his wife had their first child Alexandra Maria Vasconcelos Silva

· In 2003, Dr. Silva and his wife had their second child Tiago Jose Vasconcelos Silva

· After 10 successful years at Merck Frosst and many opportunities, Dr. Silva and his family moved to the United States to pursue a career with Johnson and Johnson [end of 2003].

· In just three short years, Dr. Silva and his scientific contributions have earned him the prestigious title of Director, East Cost Head of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics at Johnson and Johnson where he currently serves.

· In 2005, Dr. Silva and his wife had their third child Marco Juliano Vasconcelos Silva.

Should you need anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me.

He is an exceptional scientist, a loving husband and dedicated father of three—and is proud of his Portuguese heritage. For it was his culture- a drive to work hard and an unconditional respect for everyone, that provided the foundation of many of his successes. I would like to know how one can submit such a candidate to add to your elite roster? Please advise.

Many Thanks,

Marilyn Silva


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