We have also attended a conference on Genetic Diseases this year in Porto, Portugal. The Conference took place at the University of Porto (Biomedical Institute) and was organized by Dr. Jorge Sequeiros and Dr. Paula Coutinho.
UnIGENe, Unidade de Investigação Genética e Epidemiológica de Doenças Neurológicas is an going research project to establish the origins of certain genealogical diseases and how they can be detected at an early stage, allowing a possible cure that otherwise would have been more difficulty to get.
At that Conference we had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Marie Boutté from the University of Nevada. The Foundation's Advisory Council extended Dr. Boutté an invitation to join our group, which has graciously accepted. Thanks for joining and welcome to our to family.

The Internet

We have established a web site with free access and no advertising: www.PortugueseFoundation.org.
The email address is: portugal@portuguesefoundation.org
We have received almost 250,000 visitors since we came online, and countless emails requesting information about Portugal and the Portuguese. A close analysis has shown that we receive inquiries from the American public as well as the Portuguese, not only from North America but also world wide.

The Collaborators

We have worked and cooperated with the following organizations:

Luso-Americano Portuguese Newspaper, Newark, New Jersey
Comunidades USA Magazine, Manassas, Virginia
Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD)
Portuguese-American Leadership Council of the United States
The Embassy of Portugal and the Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities
University of Louisville in Kentucky
Melungeon Heritage Association
Gowen Heritage Foundation
Portuguese-American Cultural Society of PBC, Florida
Portuguese-American Club of Fort Lauderdale
Portuguese-American Club of Orlando
Portuguese-American Suncoast Association of St. Petersburg
Federation of Portuguese Canadian Businessmen
University of Virginia, Wise Campus
Library of Congress, Washington, DC
University of Louisville, Kentucky.
James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Library Casa da Saudade, New Bedford, Mass
McLean Community Center, Virginia
PISC of Elizabeth, New Jersey
Sport Club Português of Newark, New Jersey
Voz de Portugal in Montreal, Canada
Southern Appalachian Genealogical Society
Macon County Historical Society
Vardy Community Historical Society, Sneedville, TN
Praça da Alegria, RTP TV in Porto, Portugal
SIC TV Noticias, Lisboa, Portugal
RDP, Radio Difusão Portuguesa, Lisboa, Portugal
RTP TV, Program Sinais, Lisboa, Portugal
RDP, TV Comunidades, Lisboa, Portugal
The New England Academy of Codfish, Inc

We thank their Directors and Staff for their support.


The Patrons

The following banks have also contributed to our success, which we appreciate:

The New England Academy of Codfish, Inc.
Espirito Santo Bank
Totta & Açores

A program long established by the organization of "The New England Academy of Codfish, Inc." in promoting our culture and heritage through the free distribution of books about Portugal, has included the acquisition of a large quantity of one of our books, which have been donated to all major Libraries. To Dr. Manuel Luciano da Silva we are grateful for his cooperation in this matter.
We have also completed a joint program with FLAD to distribute books to all major universities in all States. To the Director, Dr. Rui Machete and its staff, our sincere thanks for their support.
The Luso-Americano of New Jersey has unconditionally supported our efforts and believed in our purpose from the beginning. Our thanks go to the publisher Mr. Antonio Matinho and his wife Natalia, and also to the Editor, Mr. Fernando dos Santos, as well as all the staff.
And to our Members who participated in a joint program of donating a book to their local library: the readers at the libraries thank you and we also thank you.

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