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13 Years of Research in 7 Different Countries is Yielding a Book Full of Astonishing New Discoveries Related to the Life of Don Cristoval Colon (Christopher Columbus). Written by: Manuel D. Rosa and Erice J. Steele is currently seeking a publisher.


My apologies to those who do not read Portuguese - but the following is a story on the new UN representative to Iraq who is a Portuugese diplomat and replaces the late Vieira de Melo who was killed in the bombing of the UN building in Iraq, Elmano

Depois do Brasileiro Viera de Melo, o português Ramiro Lopes da Silva é o novo representante da ONU.
O português de origem Cabo-verdiana, Ramiro Lopes da Silva é o novo representante-especial da ONU no Iraque, indigitado pelo secretário-geral, Kofi Annan, para assumir interinamente o cargo que pertencia ao brasileiro Sérgio Vieira de Mello, morto na última terça-feira num atentado contra o edifício da ONU naquele país. O português Ramiro Lopes da Silva, indigitado para representante do secretário-geral da ONU no Iraque, afirmou-se "honrado" com a escolha, mas disse ter «a humildade suficiente» para saber aquilo que pode fazer. Em declarações a imprensa, Ramiro Lopes da Silva disse não ter intenção de deixar o Iraque e manifestou a sua «total disponibilidade» a Kofi Annan para substituir o diplomata Sérgio Vieira de Mello. O diplomata português que até terça-feira era o "número dois" da missão da ONU no Iraque, disse aos jornalistas que está disposto a trabalhar para restabelecer «a normalidade possível» nas operações da ONU, nos próximos dias. Ramiro Lopes da Silva Engenheiro, com uma especialização em linhas de transmissão de alta voltagem, Ramiro Armando de Oliveira Lopes da Silva nasceu em Moçambique, filho de um português e de uma cabo-verdiana, a 16 de Janeiro de 1949. Director-geral dos Portos e Caminhos-de-Ferro de Moçambique, em Fevereiro de 1985, foi convidado para o Programa Alimentar Mundial (PAM) das Nações Unidas para uma missão de três meses, e acabou por aceder ao cargo de director da Divisão de Transportes e Logística daquela organização. Entre outros cargos, foi também Coordenador das Nações Unidas para os Assuntos Humanitários em Angola, de 1996 a 1998. Em 31 de Maio de 2002, foi nomeado por Kofi Annan coordenador das Nações Unidas para as operações humanitárias no Iraque. Africanidade 25-08-2003 12:06






boxDanielle Steel is honored  by the French Government: Bestseller author was awarded the knighthood of arts and letters in Paris for her contribution to the arts. Danielle is the grandaudgter of a Portuguese from the Azores.

box The Portuguese-American Political Action Committee Of California (PAPACC) Has Been Launched: The PAPACC will serve as a voice for the Portuguese community in California, and represent the community's interests, concerns and needs at the local and state levels. PAPACC is a non-profit, bi-partisan organization and will not support any one political party or candidate. The PAPACC has been established to inform, educate, assist and advocate. If you would like to be added to their mailing list and kept apprised of their activities and issues that affect Portuguese-Americans in California, or if you would like to actively participate in the Committee, please contact the PAPACC via email at: PortuguesePAC@hotmail.com or call (415) 999-7894

Heritage Harbor Museum Scheduled To Open In Fall Of 2004: in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. This museum will represent the main ethnic and cultural groups that live in Southeastern New England. This museum is currently the only museum in New England affiliated with the prestigious Smithsonian Institution. Thanks to the work of the Portuguese Cultural Foundation, the Portuguese community will be well represented. The centerpiece of the museum will be a life-size replica of a 15th century Portuguese caravel. The caravel has been a symbol of exploration of the unknown for over 500 years and was the vessel that carried the explorers responsible for mapping most of the non-European world. For more information on the Heritage Harbor Museum, please contact the Portuguese Cultural Foundation at: http://go.to/portugueseculture or email the Foundation at: PCF@peoplepc.com

Nelly Furtado Receives Grammy: A Canadian born of Portuguese parents won a Grammy for her single "I'm like a bird". The Grammy award is only given to the best in the competitive world of music.
"This is fantastic" were the first words by Nelly when she received the award during the ceremony with the presence of many starts in Los Angeles. Nelly is now one of the few in a restricted group of Grammy awardees. She won notoriety with her album "Whoa Nelly" that she put together with a variety of sounds and influences. Congratulations, Nelly.

Portugal's Luis Figo Crowned FIFA World Player of the Year 2001:
The talented Portuguese playmaker headed the list for the first time ever. For more information on Luis Figo and the voting for the 2001 FIFA Worl Player of the year: www.fifa.com/events/playergala/index_E_2001.html

NBC Sitcom Emeril: Features Portuguese-American chef Emeril Lagasse. The new sitcom airs every Tuesday at 8 pm. Show your support for the Portuguese-American television personality from Fall River, MA.

A Portuguese judge (of the International Court) sent to prison for the next 46 years a Serbian general for genocide.

box World Portuguese Population has reached 15 million: Portugal in its most recent census has passed the ten million mark population. The US has 1,153,351, Canada 415,000 and Brazil one million. The third largest Portuguese population outside Portugal is France with 798,837 followed by Venezuela and Canada. We believe these numbers are rather conservative as it has been estimated that in the US alone the number may have reached or passed the two million mark.

Ambassador Francisco Seixas da Costa has been named the new Permanent Representative of Portugal to the United Nations.

Author of the book "The Forgotten Portuguese" is awarded the Medal of Merit by the Portuguese Government:

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