Portuguese Food TV program: Recently the program Emeril Live TV on the Food Network, program featured Portuguese food, such as New England boiled diner (Cozido à Portuguesa), Kale soup (Caldo Verde) and the famous Portuguese sausage (chouriço). (Names in Portuguese). Emeril Lagasse is a Portuguese-American who published a recipe book "Emeril's TV Dinners".

Portuguese Volunteer Soldiers in the US Civil War: Lt. Cdr. Gilbert L. Wells of Colares, Portugal, recently wrote an article describing the participation of Portuguese in the Civil War as part of the 39 Volunteer Company of New York, later called the Garibaldi Guard. Not only they fought for the north, but also for the south.

Tristão da Cunha, Island: Phillip Gowan went on journey to this island discovered in 1502 by a Portuguese Admiral of the same name. It was a rest place for many Portuguese navigators in the age of discovery but did not became permanently settled till 1816. Several attempts were made with no success prior to that date. See the Gowen Research Foundation Newsletter of January 1998 for an interesting story about a journey to a strange place without telephone or TV.

Melungeon visited Lisbon in the 1800's: A very interesting story is starting to unfold. According to Patricia Hopkins Baldwin of the Appalachian Q.Magazine, her gg grand father served seven years at sea during the Civil War, and his ship the Patrick Henry sailed around the port of Lisbon and he was chosen to be one of the ships' liaison because he could speak the language. There is a long tradition in the Hopkins family of being "Portyghee". They were in the SW Virginia for at least 150 years prior to his service in the Confederate Navy. Further research is continuing, including the search for records of the visit in the Port of Lisbon. We invite anyone in Portugal with connections to the "Biblioteca da Marinha" to help and become part of this research.

Melungeons-like Mystery: Evelyn McKinley Orr is a Member of our Advisory Council and has brought to our attention through the Gowen Research Foundation Newsletter of a story revealed on ETV. Apparently the Chinese never wanted to admit that Caucasians lived in China. A determined group of scientists have managed to solve the mystery of 3,300 year old Caucasian mummies buried in China. They have determined that these people of possible Celtic ancient heritage and a migration pattern 3,000 years ago from Western Europe (Portugal and Spain) to China. Call 1-800-255-9424 for a copy of "Ancient Mummies of China."

Portuguese-American population: It is estimated to be more than two million and their contribution to the American economy is estimated in several billion dollars per year according to Ron Cruz, the President of PALCUS, a Washington organization of Portuguese-American leaders.

Portuguese-American Newspaper: The Luso-Americano is published twice a week in Newark, NJ and mailed to all the states and Canada. The paper is mainly written in Portuguese, although it has one page in English. Anyone interested in subscribing, send an email to: manuel@dnet.net.

Southeast Chamber of Commerce: The Portuguese have recently formed a new Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta to serve as a link between US Business and Portuguese business in Portugal. This is an opportunity for the many cultures of people from the Southeast to get acquainted with the Portuguese. Victor Marques formerly of CNN is the President.






























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