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New Historical Foundation Dedicated to the History of Early Portuguese Settlements in America. A number of interested, historians and researchers have recently formed an organization whose objective is to advance research in the history of early America . Accounts of early American history; before the 17th century can be rather vague. The 15th and 16th centuries are often called the lost or forgotten centuries in American history. Many groups who settled here during that era have therefore been overlooked as contributors to the making of America. The new historical foundation organization founded on June 17,:1996, in Franklin, North Carolina in the midst of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The Foundation is specifically oriented to the history of early Portuguese settlements in America as well as other groups directly or indirectly connected with them. The most prominent of these groups are the Melungeons, who, according to generations of tradition, have claimed Portuguese ancestry. The immediate goal of the Foundation is to encourage the study of the presence of early settlers who came from Portugal or any of the lands discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th and 16th centuries. Also planned in the context of the Portuguese connection is the funding of research initiatives leading to be publication of documents and books in the fields of archaeology, anthropology and linguistics. The Foundation's efforts will focus on the Southeastern United States, the area first explored by newcomers from Europe, Africa and Asia. This region is rich with history, tradition, and archaeology sites awaiting excavation and further research. Membership is composed of a limited number of Charter Members and an unlimited number of General Members willing to contribute to the success of the Foundation and its goals. Anyone interested may request an application by writing to: Portuguese-American Historical and Research Foundation (P.A.H.R.F.,Inc.); P.O. Box 437, Franklin, North Carolina, 28744-0437. Fax (828) 524-9968.









































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